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Mike Fagan here. 

By now you’ve seen a few issues of Hard Asset Digest… and had some time to get familiar with the caliber of gold stock insights and recommendations we bring to you on a monthly basis. 

Many gold stocks that we’ve discussed in the monthly issues have gone up 2X to 5X. 

Today, I want to show you how to get even more from this gold bull market. 
I’m talking about taking home up to THREE TIMES MORE than other gold investors are making. 

On the exact same gold stocks

Over the exact same time periods

...all with us doing every inch of the legwork… and not using options or anything complicated like that.

Now mind you, Hard Asset Digest is the absolute perfect foundation for most gold investors and will hand members like you easy profits through this extended gold rally…

But if you think you can handle even faster-paced gains in the gold space by shouldering a little more risk... 

...then please take a few seconds to hear me out because I have a special offer just for you.

You’re already getting nearly 60 stock ideas per year with Hard Asset Digest. That works out to 5 picks per month from our world renowned experts like Rick Rule and Jim Dines.

But what are you doing once you get the names of the stocks mentioned by our experts in the monthly issues? 

Buying and waiting? 

Do you know how to construct a quality and risk-reduced precious metals portfolio? 

Do you know how to trade around core positions for maximum profits? 

What are you going to do in between the monthly issues? 


Starting Your Million Dollar 
Gold Portfolio Today

Questions like those are why I’m happy to introduce you to Mike Fagan’s Precious Portfolio — a turnkey portfolio construction and alert service built specifically for this new gold bull market. 

We’re making it available today to members of Hard Asset Digest

So please take a second to let me show you a real world example of why this is so valuable.

Hard Asset Digest members like you were told about Revival Gold shares in a recent issue when they traded at just $0.50. 

Today they trade over $1.20. 

So… all of our members have had an opportunity to more than double their money on Revival Gold in just months. 

Which is great. 

But over that exact same time period my Precious Portfolio service could have handed you at least 3 additional opportunities to double your money on Revival Gold. 

Our in-house experts at Hard Asset Digest serve up the beef… But I carve it up with my Precious Portfolio

Here’s what I mean...

In late January, shares of Revival Gold briefly dipped below $0.55. 

Less than two weeks later it had nearly doubled — up 87% in just 12 trading days. 

The next month, as coronavirus swept the world and caused markets to tumble, Revival dipped again… to $0.33 per share.

This time around, it shot back up by 109% in just 8 trading days!

The following week, Revival Gold pulled back once more to $0.52 per share. 

Again I noticed it. 

And again it went on to more than double in value. 

Now this time, I’ll be honest, it took a little bit longer. It took Revival Gold’s stock 44 days to double people’s money for the third time in just a few short months. 

So here’s the comparison in black and white…

Hard Asset Digest members knew about Revival Gold last October... and those who decided to buy the company’s shares doubled their money in about eight months. 

That turns ten grand into twenty grand faster than most people have ever done it. 

Now, with my Precious Portfolio there would have been an opportunity for you to make an additional:

87% in 12 days (turning $10,000 into $18,700)

109% in 8 days (turning that $18,700 into $39,100)

113% in 44 trading days (turning that 39 grand into over $83 grand)

So $10,000 into $20,000 in eight months with Hard Asset Digest

Versus $10,000 into $83,000 in less than 65 days with my Precious Portfolio.

And that’s just using a single gold stock as an example. 

So far this year, there have been 30 stock names revealed in Hard Asset Digest by our experts. 

Earning an extra $83,000 on each of them would put you $2.5 million ahead of everyone else. 

Once a month is not going to cut it if you want to maximize your profits during this gold rally for the ages.

It’s not enough for me…and I have 30 years’ experience as an international speculator…

So it’s definitely not enough for you.

While Hard Asset Digest does give you access to new quality resource stocks each month…

It doesn’t come with any buy or sell alerts…

There are no mid-month updates if something big happens and events move quickly…

And right now… we are in a ripping gold rally with volatility cranked up to 11…
So to leverage that volatility into quick triple-digit wins - you’re going to need buy and sell information several times per month… 

...distilled straight from the same 5 legends you’re already hearing from monthly in Hard Asset Digest

And not just the buy and sell guidance.... 

I’m talking about full turnkey gold portfolio creation

Because let’s face it, having all the information in the world is worthless without real life experience…

And the best way to achieve that is with this brand new service…

One that won’t just give you the stock picks…

...but that will leverage the combined years of experience of all our experts into a multi-faceted service complete with a model portfolio across the entire gold value chain, as well as time-sensitive buy and sell alerts. 

Here’s everything you get with Mike Fagan’s Precious Portfolio:

  • The Precious Portfolio: This is the basis of your gold stock fortune. I’ll hand pick the best of the best stocks from our experts into a model portfolio that you can personally emulate. I’ll cover the entire value chain from producers and royalty companies... all the way to the higher-risk higher-reward junior explorers — and everything in between. 
  • The Precious Portfolio Golden Guide: A brief how-to on the service that will expedite your learning curve, showing you how to easily use the monthly issues in combination with the portfolio AND the buy, hold & sell alerts for maximum profit. 
  • Bi-Weekly Alerts: I’ll keep you up-to-date on everything you need to know in the gold space in a short briefing, including instructions for any new trades to make. 
  • 24/7 Access to the Precious Portfolio Trade Log: A unique URL where a roll of my instructions are posted in real-time and time-stamped for eternity.

A $2.5 Million Head Start

Like I said, using our insights…  you could already be ahead by as much as $2.5 million in this gold bull market. 

All this... while stock market uncertainty rages on. 

The group you’ll be getting this advice from is routinely paid hundreds of thousands of dollars per consultation. 

I’ve got people who pay us $20,000 just to write a single in-depth report.
Clients are willing to pay that kind of money when the advice turns into millions in short order. 

But you won’t have to pay anywhere near that as part of the offer I’m presenting to you today… 

We’re offering all current Hard Asset Digest members a short chance to lock inaugural pricing now.

You can get access to everything my Precious Portfolio has to offer for an entire year for just $1,999. A fraction of what we’ll soon be charging new members on a regular basis.

Accept this offer by clicking the button below, and you’ll also get…

Insider Access
And Two Million-Dollar Perks

When you join my Precious Portfolio you also get immediate access to two additional totally unique resources each worth the price of admission – absolutely FREE!

First, we’ve convinced Van Simmons, the man who literally designed the standard for all gold coins, to get on the phone with you for a private consultation

We’ll provide you with Van’s phone number that you can call any time.

You’ll get personal, million-dollar insights on your financial goals.

And not only will he help you select the coins that will see you smash through your goals in record time…

He’ll even source specific rare coins for you.

Second, we’ll have legendary investor Rick Rule provide you with a personal portfolio consultation.

That’s right, we’ll arrange for you to send Rick a list of the current resource stocks you own, and he will personally review, rank and comment on them… 

Our five great investors have insider networks and top-level contacts around the world they talk to on a regular basis…

Whether that’s CEOs of top mining corporations, international financiers, or globe-trotting speculators.

But what truly makes this service unique…

....what really sets us apart…

Is that this wide network gives us investment insights from multiple vantage points.

One week, Jeff Phillips may stumble upon a monster rare-earths opportunity where the trigger needs to be instantly pulled

The next... Rick Rule spots a lucrative deal from his macro perspective as a top mining exec.

All while Brent Cook is doing boots-on-the-ground research and stumbles upon a hidden fortune…

...the find of the year that could send a stock’s price through the roof within a matter of days.

Opportunities that, as I’ve shown you, are worth millions in gold stock gains. 
And if you’re not plugged in…

...if you’re not in the room before the alert is sent out…

...if you blink and hesitate for just a second in a market like this...

Then you miss it!

The life-changing opportunity to score big could pass you by like a ship in the night.

Click the button below to get started at this rock bottom price, because...

You Won’t Find Anything Like This Anywhere Else In The World

The fact is… other publishers simply DO NOT have access to the same caliber of legends…

...and with the fees these men charge, $1,999 wouldn’t even cover 20 minutes of their time

Yet that’s what you’ll pay today for their billion-dollar insights on your personal portfolio and rare gold coin investments.

And that’s not all…

When you join my Precious Portfolio, you can do so with total confidence because…

You Are Completely Protected By Our Easy 90-Day Money Back Guarantee

That’s right, even though we’re shaving thousands off what we’ll soon charge, you’re still protected by our iron-clad 90-Day Money Back Guarantee.

If at any time during the first three months of joining you feel that you haven’t received value, simply contact us and I will personally rush you a full refund.

So here’s what you need to do right now…

Just click “Yes! I Want To Join!” and you’ll be taken to my secure order form to complete your purchase of my Precious Portfolio


To Your Success,

Mike Fagan,
Founder, Precious Portfolio