GoldSpot Discoveries

GoldSpot Discoveries (TSX-V: SPOT) is revolutionizing the mineral exploration business by utilizing artificial intelligence to target on a regional and localized scale. GoldSpot is a technology company that leverages artificial intelligence to reduce capital risk while working to increase efficiencies and success rates in resource exploration and investment. GoldSpot combines proprietary technology with traditional domain expertise, offering a front-to-back service solution to its partners. GoldSpot's solutions target big-data problems, making full use of historically unutilized data to better comprehend resource property potential. GoldSpot has developed a monetization strategy into multiple verticals of the mining and investment industry, including service offerings, staking and royalty acquisition, and the development of its own artificial-intelligence-driven trading platform.

From inception through to proof-of-concept, GoldSpot has emerged as the leader in AI and machine learning in mining.  In turn, GoldSpot is able to make intelligent investment decisions, acquire royalties on the world's best assets, and with our team's technical prowess, identify drill targets and optimize operations. GoldSpot partners and clients include Yamana, Hoschchild, McEwen, Sprott, and more. The team of 23 experts across Earth Sciences and Data Sciences, including 9 PhDs in geology and data science, utilizes all known data points to provide mining companies with the very best targets.

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