Why I Sold Silver Stocks Yesterday

Nick Hodge
by Nick Hodge

I sold some silver stocks this week.

Made a nice profit, too.

Just like I was buy because we had few down days in stonks.

In both cases, I asked myself: What has fundamentally changed?

I looked at the dollar... it hadn’t broken the recent downtrend it was in. (Though it is getting close to doing so now, something to keep an eye on)

I looked at the 10-year yield... still in an uptrend, keeping a lid on precious metals prices. Even silver.

I looked at the S&P 500... still had a long way to go before testing the low end of it’s range.


So forgive me for asking: why do I need to be buying or selling because of WallStreetBets?

I may make some risky speculations. But WallStreetBets?

You want me to hold silver stocks because some glorified chat room hive is coming?

No thanks.

Limit sell order to the herd, please.



Seriously, folks. Snap out of it.

I’ve seen mining CEOs acting like crackheads looking for their next fix over this Reddit stuff. Investors, too.

We’re contrarian, remember?

We sell when the herd comes galloping to the field we’ve already chewed through.

Wanna look somewhere the crowd isn’t?

Gold is extra boring right now. But it’s a fundamentally sound buy.

We just put out a video on a name you should be looking at.

It has the fundamentals to send it many times higher.

No Redditors needed.

Call it like you see it, 

Nick Hodge

Nick Hodge,
Publisher, Resource Stock Digest

Nick Hodge is the co-owner and publisher of Resource Stock Digest. He's also the founder and editor of Hodge Family Office, Family Office Advantage, and Foundational Profits . He specializes in private placements and speculations in early stage ventures, and has raised tens of millions of dollars of investment capital for resource, energy, cannabis, and medical technology companies. Co-author of two best-selling investment books, including Energy for Dummies, his insights have been shared on news programs and in magazines and newspapers around the world.

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