Top Uranium Stocks of 2018 on the TSX and TSXV

The U3O8 spot price has steadily picked up since the end of June. It sat at around US$22.32 per pound at the beginning of 2018, but had blossomed to US$29.10 by the end of November.

As to be expected, some uranium explorers and producers have been able to reap the benefits of that growth, with some experiencing notable share price growth. Below the Investing News Network has listed the top uranium stocks on the TSX and TSXV by share price performance so far this year.

All year-to-date and share price information was obtained on December 7, 2018 from TradingView. All companies listed had market caps above C$10 million at that time.

5. Azarga Uranium (TSX:AZZ)

Year-to-date gain: 21.43 percent; share price: C$0.255

Azarga Uranium has its eyes on the prize, with the prize being becoming “America’s next uranium developer.” Its main priority is the Dewey Burdock project, but the company also owns multiple deposits and projects in Wyoming, the Centennial project in Colorado, four exploration projects in the US and 70 percent of the Kyzyl Ompul project in the Kyrgyz Republic.

After hitting a snag in February, when its share price saw its lowest point all year at C$0.185, the company maintained a consistently healthy share price value. The highest price tag for Azarga, C$0.34, came in mid-May, a week after the company announced it was merging with URZ Energy to form a new US-focused ISR uranium development company.

4. Cameco (TSX:CCO)

Year-to-date gain: 34.8 percent; share price: C$15.65

One of the world’s largest uranium producers, Cameco has “tier-one” operations in Canada and Kazakhstan that have the capacity to produce over 53 million pounds of the product annually. Alongside its major operations include other uranium projects in the US and Australia.

Cameco has had a bit of a rollercoaster 2018. It saw a huge surge after the Tax Court of Canada ruled in its favor following a dispute with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). However, its share price also took major plunges through the year, including when the CRA clapped back at Cameco by appealing the Tax Court’s aforementioned decision in late October.

Other news from Cameco this year includes the indefinite closure of its McArthur River mining and Key Lake milling operations in Saskatchewan. Market watchers have said this move is partially behind this year’s positive U3O8 spot price momentum.

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