Nick Hodge | Join Me at the (Virtual) New Orleans Investment Conference


The New Orleans Investment Conference kicks off tomorrow, October 14. 

I’ll be on the Mining Share panel Friday morning, followed by an individual presentation in the afternoon. 

You can also drop by our digital booth, where Gerardo and I have recorded a special New Orleans edition of Bizarro World that includes a very special announcement. 

But don’t come just for us. 

Come to check out other leading voices in the field like Rick Rule, Jim Rickards, and Danielle DiMartino Booth. 

I've come to rely on this annual event for top-tier information in the resource space and beyond. 

If you like sound money and hard assets… there couldn’t be a better place to convene for information and tips from the most closely-connected people in the space. 

Click here for more info or to register. 

Call it like you see it, 

Nick Hodge
Editor, Hodge Family Office