Adrian Day: We’re at the Really Sweet Spot for Investing in Juniors

At this year’s Vancouver Resource Investment Conference (VRIC), the Investing News Network sat down with Adrian Day of Adrian Day Asset Management to learn more about what to expect in the precious metals market this season.

“Sentiment is much better obviously. Because of the move in gold, people are getting much more interested,” he said. “Whether it lasts or not it will depend on what happens to gold in the year. If gold continues to move up, even if the junior market lags, people will retain that interest.”

Day added he is very bullish on gold this year, and for a lot of reasons.

“We’ve got geopolitical factors, we’ve got elections in the US, but I still think the most important thing for gold is the monetary situation,” he said. “Central banks can’t do what they want to do, and that is very bullish for gold.”

The expert also talked about what he expects to see in the junior mining space in 2020.