A National Emergency in the Mining Industry


Sideways action for gold over the past week as it continues to oscillate at the $1,900/oz level. It remains in a bullish trend and that price will allow cash flows at the big producers to grow, leading to increased dividends and more consolidation. 

Copper deserves some attention, now back over $3.00/lb. for the past week. An electric future funded by trillions of stimulus dollars is going to need a few pounds of that. And, like gold, future supply sorely needs secured. 

Same with the strategic metals that will be needed. And that means everything from nickel to neodymium. Both the U.S. and Europe have made moves recently to secure their access to, and produce more of, the raw materials needed for defense and battery applications. 

President Trump signed an executive order that declares a national emergency in the mining industry, and directs the Interior Department to explore hastening the development of mines. The European Commission warned its member-states in August that shortages of the necessary elements could threaten their climate goals in coming years. 

Good timing, then, to be looking for a place to produce rare earths in the U.S. (Medallion Resources). Or to be drilling a large copper-gold deposit in Peru (Regulus Resources).

Other big news in the past week is that I (Nick Hodge) have joined Gerardo Del Real and Mike Fagan here at Resource Stock Digest

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