Mawson Resources (TSX: MAW) CEO Michael Hudson on the Renewal of Exploration Permit Granted by the Finnish Mining Authority

Gerardo Del Real: This is Gerardo Del Real with Resource Stock Digest. Joining me today is Chairman and CEO of Mawson Resources (TSX: MAW)(OTC: MWSNF), Mr. Michael Hudson. Mike, how are you today?

Michael Hudson: Good morning from Down Under, Gerardo.

Gerardo Del Real: More good news from Mawson. The last time we spoke, we talked about the 200 plus gram per ton samples out of the project. Today, you had some very important news that I think kind of flew under the radar, most people's radar I should say. You got extensions on two very important exploration licenses that total, I believe, 1,462 hectares. Correct me if I'm wrong on that. Can you explain why this morning's news is important for Mawson?

Michael Hudson: Sure, Gerardo. Without going into intricacies on the Finnish Mining Act, every exploration claim or permit in Finland comes up for renewal every three years out of a total life of 15. So, it's a check and balance that the authorities have that people are spending the money, that they're behaving properly and meeting all the regulatory requirements. There's no minimum expenditures required in Finland, but you've got to demonstrate intent. This was firstly all part of a standard process, number one, but permits and drill permits specifically are always most welcome. We were very pleased to have the renewal occur just a few days ago.

We were waiting for it, and drill rigs will now start to be mobilized as we freeze the tracks and make the access tracks. Within the next week, we'll have rigs on site. So, this is an area that's 8 kilometers east of our current drilling at East Rompas. It's a big area. We talked about the 100 square kilometers before. This is something like 15% of our area, but where we drilled a lot of our gold over the last year or so.

Gerardo Del Real: When I looked at where these licenses are located, the real estate package, these are important because if I were a mid-tier or I was a major and I was looking to come in and possibly joint venture the project or look to explore the project on a joint venture basis, I wouldn't want to commit to this project unless I had the pick of the land, per se. Is that accurate that this kind of opens up the entire area for exploration?

Michael Hudson: It adds a lot more solidity again to the project, and this is an ongoing process. Without a doubt, it clarifies things. We have another couple of years and 100 plus drill pads, 128 to be precise, to drill from out of an optionality of over 300. It's just part of day-to-day exploration without a doubt. From our board's point of view, we're very happy, pleased, and we see it as just another tick for Mawson.

Gerardo Del Real: Excellent. Now, with gold at $1,340, the stock has gained some traction. Drilling is ongoing, as you mentioned, at East Rompas. How is that coming along?

Michael Hudson: We're drilling, and we should have results within the next week or so, I anticipate. We're pushing the lab to put things through, and the first results will flow very shortly.

Gerardo Del Real: Well, that coincides perfectly with the kickoff off of conference season. Will you be at any of the upcoming conferences, Mike? Where can people find you?

Michael Hudson: The conference season is lots of fun and is something that I've attended for the last two decades. They can find us at the Vancouver Cambridge Show on Sunday and Monday, which is in a few days time of course, that being the 21st and 22nd of January. Then, of course, PDAC is the next one off the rank, which is early March.

Gerardo Del Real: Excellent. Thank you so much for the update. I hope you can make some time for me next week when you get those assays in. I expect and anticipate good results, Mike, so I'm going to hold you to that when we chat next time.

Michael Hudson: Thanks, Gerardo. I look forward to it.

Gerardo Del Real: Thank you, Mike.