Doug Casey’s #1 Gold Stock to Buy Right Now

Doug Casey’s #1 Gold Stock to Buy Right Now
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Doug Casey Exclusive

Welcome back to another episode!

Today’s guest is Doug Casey – New York Times best-selling author and founder of Casey Research.

As most commodity and resource investors know, junior mining is one of the most volatile sectors in the world…

In fact, nearly 95% of the junior miners you hear about today, won’t even be around in 3 years. 

On today’s show however, Doug explains how these investments can be worth all the risks. The sector can be extremely unpredictable, but when you play your cards right, it is where investors come to make fortunes.

And there is no one who has found more success at it than Doug…

On today’s show, Doug takes us through all the fundamentals behind junior mining investing.


Step-by-step, he explains his “9 P’s” of small cap mining stocks  – The only guide long-term investors need to know on how to ultimately tackle this tricky industry.

More importantly, Doug shares with listeners his latest bet.

Tune in as the best in the business highlights why his next winner has the potential to become the next Northern Dynasty (NAK)… And how this company has set itself far apart from the rest of the crop.

“The timing couldn’t be better…”

Doug points out the high possibility this junior miner will be purchased from one of the industry leaders – sending share prices to new all-time highs.

As we’re betting on gold to continue its upward trend, it’s only a matter of time before the market discovers this extremely undervalued asset base.

As always, thanks for tuning in and good investing,

Frank Curzio