Cordoba Mineral's (TSX-V: CDB) CEO After Hitting 108 Meters of 1.26% Copper & 0.87 g/t Gold at Alacran: "This thing is going to get a lot bigger"

Gerardo Del Real: This is Gerardo Del Real with Resource Stock Digest. Joining me today is Cordoba Minerals (TSX-V: CDB)(OTC: CDBMF) president and CEO, Mr. Mario Stifano. Mario, thank you for joining me this evening.

Mario Stifano: Thanks, Gerardo, for having me.

Gerardo Del Real: Well we spoke recently and we talked about the upside potential at Alacran and at the San Matias Project. And sure enough on January 11th, you had news and the headline read, "Drilling results demonstrates the potential to significantly expand the initial inferred mineral resource at Alacran." Let me just read off a couple of the results here. You had an intercept in hole ACD033, which was 108 meters at 1.26% Copper and .87 grams per tonne (g/t) gold from surface, including 26 meters at 1.48% Copper and 1.37 grams per tonne gold. There were several intercepts that were higher grade that started at surface. What can you share as far as details for this sets of assays, Mario?

Mario Stifano: Well look, have a look at that intercept. 108 meters of 1.26 Copper plus .87 grams Gold. How often are you able to see drill results of that kind of width with those kind of grades right from surface? What it's doing for us is it's clearly demonstrating to our shareholders, to Cordoba, that we have potentially a very sizable open pit deposit at Alacran. Hole 33 was outside the initial inferred resource that we have. The inferred resource is 53.5 million tonnes at 0.7% Copper, .37 grams Gold. This thing is going to get a lot bigger. We see lots of ways for the resource to expand to the east. We see lots of opportunities for the resource to expand to depth. We see a lot of opportunities to actually improve the resource within the resource itself. Hopefully, as we continue to drill this project, you'll start to see these kind of results come from Cordoba on a regular basis.

Gerardo Del Real: We're excited to get the follow-up assays. I know that drilling is ongoing. One of the takeaways from the release, there's a comment that you made which explains that drilling at Alacran will continue to test the eastern extensions of the deposit as well as priority exploration to identify and target the potential source for the mineralization at Alacran. Can you speak to that a little bit, Mario, because I thought that was interesting.

Mario Stifano: Oh for sure. The hole 33 is to the east of the pit shells. When you hit a hole like that, it's pretty obvious that potentially something special is happening on the eastern end of Alacran. Our intention is to just pepper that area with some additional drill holes, but we also got a sense that the higher grades seems to be in that center to the northern part of Alacran. We think there's a potential couple of targets there that deserve some deeper drilling and some follow-up drilling to see if the source of Alacran is coming from depth. We think Alacran has a replacement system. Typically these type of systems come from porphyries . Really what you want to try and do from intrusions, you know get porphyries nearby ... really what you want to try and do is see if you can find where all these fluids are coming from. When you do find it – and keep in mind we've got the best exploration team out there bar none. That's Robert Freeland and his team and our team combined. When we are able to find that porphyry and we will find it in time, lights are off in terms of what will happen to Cordoba. We just don't know what the valuation of this company will be at that point in time.

Gerardo Del Real: Excellent. Excellent. Now I understand that there's assays in the lab that we're anticipating and obviously it’s tough to put a time line on it, but I know that you're waiting on the lab to get back to you so that's something that I'm assuming we can look forward to here in the next little bit.

Mario Stifano: Yeah. We have only released results to hole 35, and we drilled about 40 holes at Alacran. We would expect to have some additional results coming out hopefully in the near future. Keep in mind, it's not going to be holes up to hole 40. We're going to be continuing to aggressively drill Alacran as the year goes on as well as continue to drill for the blue sky. As I mentioned a little bit earlier, we think there's a porphyry that fed Alacran. We're going to try and find that porphyry, but in addition to that we have some porphyry outcroppings which we consider all the blue sky area of our district, because this is a big district play. We're going to continue to hunt for porphyries and... At any point in time, could be today, could be tomorrow, could be six months from now, Cordoba discovers those porphyries. All bets are off on the valuation of this company.

Gerardo Del Real: Well it's going to be exciting to watch. I look forward to hopefully having you back on, Mario, as we get those assays in and as the project develops there's going to be a lot to watch. And again, I'm looking forward to it. I want to thank you for your time today.

Mario Stifano: Thank you. Thanks for having me.

Gerardo Del Real: We'll talk to you soon Mario.

Mario Stifano: Thank you.

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  • ACD028:
    • 24 metres (m) @ 1.64% Copper (Cu) + 0.62g/t Gold (Au) (from 42 m), including:
      • 6 m @ 1.97% Cu + 0.91g/t Au (from 50 m), and
      • 4 m @ 3.69% Cu + 1.06g/t Au (from 62 m)
  • ACD032:
    • 66 m @ 1.20% Cu + 0.23g/t Au (from 46 m), including:
      • 14 m @ 3.31% Cu + 0.26g/t Au (from 60 m), and
      • 6 m @ 1.95% Cu + 0.72g/t Au (from 98 m)
  • ACD033:
    • 108 m @ 1.26% Cu + 0.87g/t Au (from 0 m), including:
      • 26 m @ 1.48% Cu + 1.37g/t Au (from 20 m), and
      • 26 m @ 3.18% Cu + 1.62g/t Au (from 62 m)
  • ACD035:
    • 34 m @ 0.75% Cu + 0.47g/t Au (from 6 m), including:
      • 18 m @ 1.20% Cu + 0.74g/t Au (from 22 m)
    • 60 m @ 0.40% Cu + 0.21g/t Au (from 122 m)