Bizarro World Podcast Episode 79: Surging Precious Metals & Prolific Serial Killers

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On today's episode of the Bizarro World podcast, Gerardo and Nick discuss:

1:47 – Nick & Gerardo on $1900 Gold, Suddenly In-the-Money Junior Stock Warrants, Silver the Dollar & the Global Markets

17:26 – Golden State Killer:
Unsolved Mysteries – Rey Rivera of Stansberry Research:

25:21 – Judge’s Son Killed, Husband Shot:

28:24 – “Non-Earth” Vehicles:

30:22 – Dr. Fauci's First Pitch:

35:52 – Stock of the Week Picks: Chakana Copper (TSX-V: PERU), Angus Ventures (TSX-V: GUS), Probe Metals (TSX-V: PRB)