Bizarro World Podcast Episode 72: Flying Turkeys

Editor's Note: Bizarro World is taped on Fridays and uploaded on Mondays. This edition was recorded on 5/29/2020.

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On today's episode of the Bizarro World podcast, Gerardo and Nick discuss:

1:50 – Nick & Gerardo on Gold, Junior Gold Turkeys & the Global Markets

13:25 – Fourth Turning

17:42 – 26 Year Old EMT Breonna Taylor Killed by Cops:

20:46 – White Lady Threatens Black Man with Cops:

29:58 – Unicorn Riot:

37:40 – Taylor Swift & Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Tweets

43:11 – SoftBank Doubled Vision Fund Boss' Pay as Company Posted Record Loss:

46:00 – Hertz Laid Off 10,000 Employees and Then Paid Out $16 Million in Bonuses to 340 Executives Before Filing for Bankruptcy:

52:45 – Sorkin vs Kernen: