Bizarro World Podcast Episode 65: Gold's Mistress

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On today's episode of the Bizarro World podcast, Gerardo and Nick discuss:

2:14 – Gold's Run Up

4:31 – Early Facebook Executive and Social Capital Founder Chamath Palihapitiya:

7:49 – Groups Raise Alarm over Fed, BlackRock Debt-buying Deal:
BlackRock Takes Command:

11:14 – Mark Cuban on Bailouts:

12:52 – Oil Cuts:

18:20 – Uranium Market Update:

23:38 – COVID-19 Update:
Sturgill Simpson's 1-Month Wait for Test Results:

30:15 – Inmate Protests:

36:12 – Bernie Endorses Biden, Can He Win?:

39:11 – Trump's Failure on the Virus:

43:17 – Trump's Beef with Fox News:

50:41 – Stock of the Week Picks: Almaden Minerals (TSX: AMM), Midas Gold (TSX: MAX), Magna Gold (TSX-V: MGR), Mawson Resources