Bizarro World Podcast Episode 53: A Rampant Culture of Cheating

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On today's episode of the Bizarro World podcast, Gerardo and Nick discuss:

1:20 – Epstein Trafficked Girls in U.S. Virgin Islands:

8:35 – Trump Hires Epstein Lawyers for Impeachment Trial:

Ken Starr and Baylor's History of Rape Cover-up:

10:07 – Rampant Culture of Cheating and Lying to Get Ahead

Trump Administration Lied About Injured U.S.Soldiers:

Astros/Baseball Cheating Scandal:

Farmer Sells More Organic Corn/Soy Than Can Physically be Grown:

21:25 – Nick & Gerardo on Bitcoin, Gold, Junior Resource Conference Season, U.S.-China Trade Deal & the Global Markets

33:00 – Russian Government Quits:

35:04 – Nick on a Few Juniors to Research as Conference Season Kicks Off: Rupert Resources (TSX-V: RUP), Magna Gold (TSX-V: MGR), Advantage Lithium (TSX-V: AAL), Westhaven Ventures (TSX-V: WHN), Azarga Uranium (TSX: AZZ)