Bizarro World Podcast Episode 39: Light the Match

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On today's episode of the Bizarro World podcast, Gerardo and Nick discuss:

1:20 – Nick & Gerardo on Phase One Trade Deal with China, Gold, Low ISM Number, California Blackouts & the Global Markets

Lowest Manufacturing ISM in a Decade: 

Blackouts Spared Big Tech Companies:

50-Year low in Unemployment:

Trump vs. Nickelback:

12:04 – Trump Impeachment Inquiry

16:14 – No News from the US Nuclear Working Grouping

23:15 – Ellen & George W. Hipocrisy

29:20 – Amber Guyger Guilty, Gets a Hug from the Judge; Gentleman that Kicked a Cop Gets 99 Years: 

34:16 – Ed Buck Indicted on Fatal Overdoses of Two Men in his Home

37:18 – Commission-Free Trading:

41:28 – 7-Year Auto Loan:

44:18 – Peru is a Mess:

46:11 – Mutilated cows:

51:35 – Satellites Spying on Copper Smelters:

52:43 – Sturgill Simpson: