Bizarro World Podcast Episode 38: Who Blows The Best Whistle

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On today's episode of the Bizarro World podcast, Gerardo and Nick discuss:

2:36 – Nick & Gerardo on Gold, Silver, the Dollar, Weak IPOs, Limiting Chinese Investment & the Global Markets

IPO Fatigue:

We (Doesn't-Want-to) Work:

White House Considering Chinese Investment Limits:

17:34 – Formal Impeachment Inquiry into President Trump

25:29 – Cop Shenanigans of the Week

Orlando Cop:

Amber Guyger:

31:10 – Stormy Daniels:

33:24 – Carson King:

40:23 – Cornell Offers Full Rides in Battle Over Student Debt:

45:45 –Baltimore Moves Closer to Water Billing System that Would Charge Poor Residents Less:

50:00 – Polypropylene Recycling:

52:46 – Gerardo's Beyond Meat Burger Review