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Welcome to Resource Stock Digest, where resource investors come to get the latest industry news, commentary, and interviews!

Resource Stock Digest was created by resource company investors for resource company investors.  We boast a veritable who’s who list of resource industry analysts, writers and experts who contribute to our site. 

We all know that investing in junior natural resource companies is a risky endeavor.  Far more juniors will fail to prove an economically recoverable resource than the ones that do.  That’s the reality of this industry.  Yet throughout the lifecycle of a project savvy investors can capitalize on various opportunities to secure positive returns.  While Resource Stock Digest does not offer investment advice, we do provide you a wealth of information from multiple sources to help you complete your due diligence.

We have also created Hard Asset Digest by bringing together the most successful and respected voices in the industry all in one place.

Hard Asset Digest is a premium subscription-based newsletter providing exclusive insights, ideas, and expertise for institutions and high-net-worth individuals looking to protect and grow their wealth through diversification in a multitude of tangible assets, including:

  • Equities;
  • Natural Resources;
  • Real Estate; and
  • Rare Collectables, etc.

Hard Asset Digest provides in-depth research and commentary on both larger capitalization companies with the potential to double and micro-cap to small-cap companies that have 5-to-10-fold return potential with the associated risk tolerance that goes with that kind of speculation.

Hard Asset Digest is a newsletter for independent, financially sound individuals and funds to evaluate opportunities presented in the context of their own portfolio.

Hard Asset Digest puts you in the unique position of being able to receive world class expertise on a diverse set of investment themes that investors and speculators currently have access to only through multiple sources and oftentimes without the substance, integrity and caliber that Hard Asset Digest provides.

Contributors to the digest include:

  • Rick Rule, Founder & Chairman of Sprott Global Resource Investments
  • Jim Dines, Founder, Editor, and Publisher of The Dines Letter
  • Van Simmons, Partner & President of David Hall Rare Coins (also a founder of Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS))
  • Brent Cook, Founder & Co-Editor of Exploration Insights
  • Jeff Phillips, President of Global Market Development

Hard Asset Digest is curated, written, and edited by Mike Fagan, who was staking gold and silver properties as teenager in Nevada’s Carlin Trend with his father, before going on to study geology at the University of Colorado, later graduating from San Diego State’s business school. Mike is a highly sought-after contributor to the mining and metals sector and, for decades, has worked alongside some of the biggest names in the industry.

The price to receive Hard Asset Digest every month for one year is $299 $99. It may be available at discounted prices through special promotions. Click here to order.

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