Stuart “Tookie” Angus feels we are in the beginning phase of a new discovery bull market and people will be rewarded that get involved. The market has bottomed out, and it’s due to investors just not caring about gold.

However, a few wise investors like Ross Beaty are putting significant capital into the market. Picking up assets at bottom level prices can be very rewarding later.

He discusses how companies need good properties but management remains critical. He feels that he is a good talent spotter and he supports young people in the industry. He believes that Northern Canada particularly the North West Territories and Nunavut have a lot of potential.

He discusses how Rover Metals (TSX:ROVR) has acquired a historic property in the North West Territories that can likely be expanded. Also they have another property conveniently located close to Yellowknife.

Mr. Angus chairs three companies the first is San Marco which is an exploration company in the Sonora State of Mexico and has high-grade copper-silver discoveries. The second is Kenadyr Mining Corp. in the Kyrgyz Republic which has good mineralization and has been recently funded by the Chinese Zijin Mining fund. He expects good things will happen there.

Lastly, his focus is on K92 Mining in Papua New Guinea which is an underground mine acquired from Barrick Gold that they have put back into high production for minimal cost. He also discusses Titan Mining’s purchase of the 100-year-old Empire State Mine in New York which is an actively producing Zinc Mine.

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