In a Katusa Research Uranium Outlook 2018 report, the founder said uranium spot pricing was below levels set in the 2008 financial crisis and all US uranium mines were losing money at current prices.

One of the world’s largest publicly traded uranium companies, Cameco (CN:CCO) this week lowered its production guidance amid difficult market conditions and production issues.

“Prices are now so low that most uranium mines are losing money on every pound they sell at spot pricing,” Katusa said.

“But bargain hunting contrarian investors know these statements often mark the point of maximum pessimism… and signal major investment opportunities.”

He outlined a solid case for prices to improve, including production reduction by major producer Kazakhstan and growing demand as new nuclear reactors come online.

Katusa is a major shareholder in uranium explorer Skyharbour Resources (CN:SYH) and the Vancouver-based company welcomed his positive outlook for the sector.

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