Gregory Beischer, president and CEO of Millrock Resources, in conversation with Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable, talks about the recently released drill results from the Alaska Range Project as well as developments at its Mexican properties.

Maurice Jackson: Welcome to Proven and Probable. I'm your host Maurice Jackson. Joining us today is Gregory Beischer, the president, CEO and director of Millrock Resources Inc. (MRO:TSX.V; MLRKF:OTCQX), a premier project generator.

We are talking with you today to discuss some exciting drill results at the Zackly copper-gold deposit, which is joint ventured with PolarX. Before we discuss the results here, please share with us some of the unique features of the Zackly copper-gold deposit.

Gregory Beischer: Certainly it's a deposit of the skarn variety, magnetite skarn, and this type of deposit occurs when there is wholesale replacement of preexisting rocks by valuable minerals such as chalcopyrite and bornite and in this case gold as well. The deposits can be fairly high grade and also there are deposits that can occur in close proximity to porphyry deposits, which of course can be exceptionally valuable, large, bulk-minable type of deposits. And we postulate that such a porphyry may be present on the Alaska Range Project in proximity to the Zackly copper-gold skarn deposit.

Maurice J.: That would be quite exciting if that does come to fruition. Millrock issued a press release from the Zackly copper-gold deposit, which I know has both Millrock and PolarX excited. What can you share with us?

Gregory B.: They were quite good drill results and the first two we announced were broad intersections, so much thicker than had been previously discovered and gold rich, several grams of gold over core lengths of 45 to 50 meters, right from surface. And so also given what appears to be a fairly flat line orientation to the rocks that hosts the gold, these would be near a true width drill intersections. So that's good grade gold, right at surface over significant widths and it's open in all directions. And it really could turn into something and it's new, it's almost 850 meters away from the known Zackly deposit.

Closer in to the deposit that we announced, two more holes in which the grade was quite high, several percent copper with gold over true widths of perhaps 5 meters of magnetite skarn, much like the main body of the Zackly deposit. But this is still 350 meters away from a known delineating mineralization. So again, it appears that this deposit is becoming larger and more extensive than prior workers had realized.

Maurice J.: As a shareholder these are exactly the type of press releases that I'm looking for. What is the next step at Zackly?

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