Almaden Hits Further High Grade Mineralisation Outside of Amended PEA Pit, Hits 5.50 Meters of 5.06 g/t Gold, 219.6 g/t Silver

VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwired - September 13, 2016) - Almaden Minerals Ltd. ("Almaden" or "the Company") (TSX: AMM) (NYSE MKT: AAU) is pleased to announce assay results from Almaden's ongoing exploration and development program at the Company's Tuligtic project, Mexico. Results from drill holes TU-16-463, 464 and 465, all drilled on section 10+550 East have been received.

These results confirm the presence of a shallow dipping ("SD") zone of veining adjacent and outside of the January 2016 Amended PEA pit. In addition, hole TU-16-465 intersected what is likely a new zone of high grade veining immediately beneath the Amended PEA pit, while TU-16-463 intersected two new veins located roughly 100 meters north of the previously known vein system. The holes were all drilled from the same pad and intersected the previously defined subvertical Ixtaca North vein zone as well as the new zones of veining (see attached section and plan maps). Highlights from these drillholes include the following intercepts for the Ixtaca North Zone and new zones:

Hole TU-16-463, SECTION 10+550 EAST Az. 330, Dip -30  Zone
22.50 meters @ 1.14 g/t Au and 19.3 g/t Ag  Ixtaca North Zone
 Including 6.50 meters @ 3.31 g/t Au and 16.0 g/t Ag  Ixtaca North Zone
15.00 meters @ 0.56 g/t Au and 72.3 g/t Ag  Ixtaca North Zone?
3.50 meters @ 0.70 g/t Au and 113.0 g/t Ag  New Vein Zone to North
2.58 meters @ 0.30 g/t Au and 349.8 g/t Ag  New Vein Zone to North
Hole TU-16-464, SECTION 10+550 EAST Az. 330, Dip -70   
5.10 meters @ 2.45 g/t Au and 274.4 g/t Ag  ?
20.70 meters @ 0.23 g/t Au and 88.6 g/t Ag  ?
33.70 meters @ 0.84 g/t Au and 77.1 g/t Ag  Ixtaca North Zone
 Including 4.60 meters @ 2.63 g/t Au and 330.2 g/t Ag  Ixtaca North Zone
13.00 meters @ 1.90 g/t Au and 42.8 g/t Ag  SD Vein Zone
 Including 2.70 meters @ 6.45 g/t Au and 116.9 g/t Ag  SD Vein Zone
Hole TU-16-465, SECTION 10+550 EAST Az. 330, Dip -80   
12.00 meters @ 2.70 g/t Au and 114.8 g/t Ag  New Vein Zone
 Including 5.50 meters @ 5.06 g/t Au and 219.6 g/t Ag  New Vein Zone
13.70 meters @ 1.07 g/t Au and 26.5 g/t Ag  New Vein Zone
 Including 0.70 meters @ 14.55 g/t Au and 400.0 g/t Ag  New Vein Zone
13.50 meters @ 1.53 g/t Au and 15.8 g/t Ag  SD Vein Zone
 Including 0.60 meters @ 15.60 g/t Au and 96.9 g/t Ag  SD Vein Zone
 And 0.80 meters @ 5.25 g/t Au and 87.2 g/t Ag  SD Vein Zone
 And 0.65 meters @ 6.85 g/t Au and 72.7 g/t Ag  SD Vein Zone

The mineralisation reported today confirms the presence of additional important zones of veining immediately adjacent to the Ixtaca Zone and points to the exploration potential of the project in general. The Ixtaca Zone was discovered in 2010 beneath a large area of largely barren clay alteration which has been confirmed subsequently to represent the upper portions of a gold and silver bearing epithermal vein system. Since the discovery Almaden has focussed its efforts on the development of the Ixtaca Zone, however today's results clearly show the potential for additional mineralisation, not only proximal to the deposit, but more broadly project wide beneath the high level clay alteration.

Hole ID  From (m)  To (m)  Interval (m)  Gold (g/t)  Silver (g/t)
TU-16-463  62.00  84.50  22.50  1.14  19.3
including  62.90  63.40  0.50  3.18  221.0
including  70.00  76.50

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