General Market Commentary

U.S. energy secretary says cabinet-level group will boost domestic uranium mining
When can silver take off? This needs to happen first
Canadian Federal Election: What the Resource Industry Wants
Chile´s mining industry operating normally despite violent protests: minister
Are we prepared for a shortage of rare earths metals?
Gonna Ride My Horse to the Lithium Road
Macro picture is “terrible,” so where is gold price’s momentum? - Phil Streible
Zinc treatment, refining charges seen high on rising mine supply
Trump grants 30-day extension for Nuclear Fuel Working Group recommendations
Project Generator Looks to Partner on Alaskan Prospect
Sprott CEO hunting for bargains among beaten-up gold companies
Mickey Fulp: This continued test of $1,500 will lead to a healthier market & rise of gold
Gold set to extend rally as retail investors climb on board
Nickel and palladium surge on the back of supply constraints
Ellis Martin Report with SkyHarbour Resources' Jordan Trimble
Capturing the Breakout in Gold and Gold Stocks
Lithium battery dreams get a rude awakening in South America
How the American recent policy shift has inspired a rare earths revival
A critical moment for uranium?
Amid China rare earths sabre-rattling, U.S. races to forge 'friendly' minerals alliance with Canada
Canadian Federal Election: Party Policy on Resources
Fundamentals to drive gold prices to $1,650 within 12 months - TD Securities
LME stocks grab feeds nickel's raging bull fires
Investors Take Cover as Gold ETFs Post Longest Run in a Decade

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Resource Commodities

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Gold 1484.71 0.46%
Silver 17.57 0.06%
Copper 2.63 2.625
Platinum 901.00 0.67%
Oil 53.78 0.28%
Natural Gas 2.32
Uranium 24.88 0.00%