Nick Hodge of the Outsider Club at VRIC 2020: "It's a Good Year for Commodities"

StockPulse is bringing you the highlights from the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference (VRIC). Rob Goodman caught up with Nick Hodge, founder and president of the Outsider Club, to get his take on the banking system, world finances, and the state of commodities.

“It’s a good year for commodities. I think that a lot of these mid-tier companies and a lot of these development companies that have a couple of million ounces, two, three, four, five million ounces, that did their PEA’s and their PFS’s at 1200 gold and at 1300 dollar gold, well guess what? We’re at 1550 gold now and so that leverage is going to have to start to kick in because, I mean, it’s just black and white math on a paper. The NPV is fundamentally higher now and it’s going to happen.” – Nick Hodge.