RSD at Beaver Creek Interview Series: Sun Metals (TSX-V: SUNM) CEO Steve Robertson

Gerardo Del Real: This is Gerardo Del Real with Resource Stock Digest. Joining me today is the CEO of Sun Metals Corp. (TSX-V: SUNM)(OTC: SMTTF), Mr. Steve Robertson. Steve, how are you today?

Steve Robertson: Doing well, Gerardo. Thanks.

Gerardo Del Real: That's Sun Metals Corp., not corpse.

Steve Robertson: That's right, that's right.

Gerardo Del Real: Let's talk about the recent news. The most recent piece of news is that you're adding a third rig and a winter camp, which surprised some people.

Steve Robertson: Well, I don't think it should be surprising. We've been having great success in this program. We're really satisfied with the results. We think that the results are exactly what we were hoping for. When we hit Hole 421, we knew that there was more to be found there.

Right now we're continuing to delineate this zone. We've marched to the south, had a nice hit down there, over 90 meters of around 3% copper equivalent and still open to the south. Now we're marching back to the north, and both drills that are on site right now are focused on drilling to the north and are having success there. And so, we've made the decision to add more resources to help us out with that.

Gerardo Del Real: Exploration being exploration, you always come in with an idea and a thesis. Right? Then you get to see what Mother Nature gets to offer you. Has there been a big step change in your planning and approach this year as you learn more and get more incoming data?

Steve Robertson: Well, there's always lots to learn, that's for sure. But the system overall has been quite well-disciplined. We're continuing to see, as we go to the north, increasing indication that we are getting closer to the source of those fluids, where the system's getting hotter as we move in that direction. I think that when you stand back and take a look at this from the 10,000-foot level, it's a very well behaved system, even though it's extremely complex and heterogeneous when you get down on a minute scale.

It's working just as the model would have predicted it would work. That's somewhat vindicating when you have the thesis and then you go out and do the exploration, and, sure enough, it proves in reality to be exactly what you were hoping.

Gerardo Del Real: That third rig, will it have a specific focus? I'm sure it will, right? It's a loaded question.

Steve Robertson: Well, obviously we want to make sure that we speed up the results that we're getting. We'd like to see a quicker progression of the program, but it also gives us a little bit of flexibility to do some other things. We'd like to start drilling this zone from different directions. With only two rigs we're kind of handcuff to drilling from the west to the east. It'd be nice to start getting a little bit different perspective on the actual geometry of this zone, and this third rig would give us the opportunity to do that.

Gerardo Del Real: Excellent. How have the assay labs been? What's the expected turnaround now with the third rig coming on?

Steve Robertson: Assay labs have been pretty good. The unfortunate thing about having such high-grade mineralization is we always have overlimits. And so, the assay lab can be on schedule getting the results to us when we expect them, but then they always have to go back in for overlimits. The titration for the copper and the fire assay for the gold. We see that with virtually every release that we put out. We've got those delays, and that's when it gets a little bit more unpredictable.

Gerardo Del Real: It's a good problem to have.

Steve Robertson: Yeah, absolutely.

Gerardo Del Real: What can we expect the next three to six months?

Steve Robertson: Next three to six months you're going to see continued news flow out of this program and hopefully a progressive expansion of this zone. So, ultimately what we want to do is, at the end of this next drilling phase, we'd like to stop and do a 43-101 update and see if we've got the sort of critical tonnage that would give us the indication that it's time to go underground. That would be a natural next step for us.

Gerardo Del Real: Well, it certainly appears you have the grade.

Steve Robertson: It certainly does.

Gerardo Del Real: Steve, thank you so much. Appreciate it.

Steve Robertson: Thanks, Gerardo.

Gerardo Del Real: Thank you.