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Friday Mid Afternoon Ramble Feat. @Inca_Kola, Market Narrative and @DollarVigilante

March 9, 2012


Readers should know financial bloggers Otto Rock and Market Narrative if they are not already familiar.

Both bloggers are bright and dangerous; they aren’t afraid to speak their minds about the “Scum and Villainy” that exist in speculative markets.

While I’m not here looking for trouble, the other day Market Narrative was particularly harsh of my friend Jeff Berwick in a review of Newsletter Writer presentations at the PDAC (link).

I have seen Jeff present at investment conferences at least 8 times, and proudly introduced him on stage a few of those times, at Cambridge House shows (the best ones).

While Jeff’s extremely pungent anarcho-capitalist tonic gets bad reviews at ALL of his presentations…. (except those Rated “R”)…

He always gets people talking, and he always draws new blood to the Canadian venture sector. For those and other reasons I love’m.

Jeff is a rogue and a maniac but he is a leader and he is a good person. An undeniable talent.

If readers are fed up with the system, Jeff’s premium Dollar Vigilante Newsletter may be suitable. Jokes aside, Jeff has a great team behind him, notably junior resource stock analyst Ed Bugos, who contributes to the investment section of Jeff’s newsletter. I have been a subscriber for one year ($199) and just recently renewed.

I also understand Otto Rock writes a very high quality newsletter focused on the more liquid junior mining names. Distinguished geologists Brent Cook and Mickey Fulp have complimented his letter to me in person, and I have been meaning to take a sip of premium Inca Kola myself ($400 per year).

Finally, Cambridge House International, the greatest investment conference company in the galaxy, will be at the Telus Convention Centre in Calgary March 30-31 with the resource sector’s finest, in Saskatoon May 4-5 to celebrate all that is Saskatchewan (the Ron Jeremy of Canadian provinces in terms of resource riches), and back in Vancouver June 5-6 for the World Show, where Doug Casey, Josh Brown, James Altucher and countless resource sector legends will be in the… Cambridge House.

Nothing compares to Vancouver in June… Maybe the Canucks will be in the finals again?